Graduate Engineers in Training (GET)

BMSC has an academic partnership with the Eritrean Institute of Technology (EIT), with the aim of providing real world training opportunities to young professionals. EIT is the country’s top academic institution with a focus on science, engineering and education. BMSC actively seeks to utilize EIT to recruit and retain the country’s top young talent. Based on the success of the previous year’s programs, BMSC is now developing an enhanced paid co-op Graduate Engineers in Training (GET) program that will extend the upgrade of skill sets for students from one year to three years. This is intentionally destined to maximize tenure at the Bisha Mine with the hopes that many of these students can move expeditiously into highly specialized technical positions (i.e. plant engineers, metallurgists, chief planning engineers etc.), supervisors and even superintendents upon graduation with the opportunity for higher remuneration. This is intended to play a supporting role in maximizing the nationalization plan for employment opportunities at the Bisha Mine.

In 2015, the GET program achieved the following noteworthy success:

  • Twenty-three GET students finished their first-year training rotations in their respective departments successfully (eleven in the process plant, and twelve in the mining department). These students have contributed to the BMSC safety culture and work efficiency by translating during meetings, creating work area checklists, simplifying standard operating procedures (SOPs), and helping to explain work plans that have contributed to the reduction of safety incidents in their respective areas.

In 2016, the GET program has set out the following objective:

  • Forty-one GET students have commenced in a variety of engineering fields and are expected to enter a 3-year degree and 2-year diploma graduate development program. This three phase program will entail: an orientation and familiarization phase, hands-on operational phase, skills enhancement, and supervisory/ leadership phase.