Local residents are encouraged to speak freely with any of our seven Community Liaison Officers (CLOs) situated within nearby villages to ask questions, make requests or file complaints. We have a formal community grievance procedure in place to register and respond to complaints from people directly affected by our operation in a timely manner. The community grievance procedure is posted in each CLO office and is transparent and simple to understand by the local communities. In 2015, we updated our community grievance procedure for alignment with the IFC 2012 Performance Standards for Social and Environmental Sustainability.

The following chart depicts the community grievances that were filed through our formal community mechanism in 2015 and how we addressed or resolved these issues.

2015 Community Feedback


32 BMSC employees from Mogoraib,
Adi Ibrihim, Jimel and Tekreret stakeholder villages.


Complainants indicated workers from the stakeholder villages are not getting breakfast service and rotational leaves comparative to workers stationed on-site. The Sub Zoba Administrator forwarded the complaints and petition letter to BMSC using the formal grievance mechanism action form.

Breakfast is provided to all camp residents as they have no other means to make their own breakfast as self-cooking facilities within the camp are not available to all residents. The policy which has been adopted by the Board of Directors is that, “non-camp residents receive only lunch’’ however BMSC has now revised the rule and allowed breakfast for workers coming daily from the nearby stakeholder villages.

“Staying at the mining site for long durations is mentally stressful and employees are isolated from their family unit and community. R&R is a benefit provided to employees who are accommodated within the Bisha village in order for them to recover both mentally and physically by allowing them to travel back to their homes/communities’’. After listening to the explanation, the sub-Zoba administrator requested a written response (in Tigrigna) in order to explain the fact to the complainants. BMSC executives and the General Manager deemed the request valid (in alignment with the BMSC morale survey findings) and tabled it to the BMSC Board of Directors in 2016. It was subsequently approved in Q1 2016.

Tekreret Stakeholder village resident Mr. Ali Ahmed Hummed


On June 4th, 2015, the stakeholder village of Tekreret sent a letter to BMSC mentioning that a copper truck with plate number 3839 drivers name Mohamed Ali Osman had killed one local donkey on May 30th, 2015.

The complainant put in his grievance application even though the truck driver pledged to meet him on his return trip from the mine site and solve the problem. The truck driver did not show up as per their verbal agreement and therefore Mr. Hummed requested BMSC assistance in finding the driver and solving the problem.

BMSC Finance Superintendent agreed to write a formal letter to the contractor trucking company (Transhorn) to ensure they are aware of the grievance and to look into the matter.

Tekreret Stakeholder village resident Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim


On August 9th, 2015 Tekreret stakeholder village resident Mr. Ibrahim submitted a formal grievance regarding a BMSC vehicle that struck and killed his donkey near his village on April 7th, 2015. The complainant indicated that the driver agreed to compensate 6000 Nakfa but did not keep his word and is now seeking compensation as soon as possible.

BMSC communicated with its insurance company and compensation was paid to Mr. Ibrahim.