Community Feedback

Our community grievance procedure is in alignment with the IFC 2012 Performance Standards for Social and Environmental Sustainability. Local residents are encouraged to speak freely with any of our seven Community Liaison Officers (CLOs) situated within nearby stakeholder communities to ask questions, make requests, or file complaints. We have a formal community grievance procedure in place to register and respond to complaints from people directly affected by our operation in a timely manner. The community grievance procedure is posted in each CLO office and is transparent and simple to understand by the local communities. The grievance application form is available in each CLO office, village administration office and Sub region administration office. Bisha Mining can also receive complaints via other more traditional routes such as a direct phone call to the Bisha Community Relations Supervisor; letter or other written note to the CLO; complaint lodged in writing or verbally with the village/ sub –zoba Administration; letter to BMSC in general; suggestions and complaints boxes. Any grievance received via these routes is to be passed directly to the Complaint Registry System for logging.

The following chart depicts the community grievances that were filed through our formal community mechanism in 2016 and how we addressed or resolved these issues.

Individual – Tekeret Village Resident April 20, 2016, a Tekeret resident submitted a formal grievance, alleging a BMSC bus hit and killed a goat belonging to them. Community relations supervisor, together with Tekeret CLO, conducted an investigation and found that the bus which hit the goat doesn’t belong to BMSC. The complainant was directed to the bus that hit their goat.