ommunity Liaison Officer (CLO) for Mogoraib

Community Liaison Officer (CLO) for Mogoraib
Mr. Mohammed Ali Mohammed

Mogoraib is the closest village to the Bisha Mine.

Situated approximately 4 km away, it is home to nearly 4,100 people in 973 households, including more than 70 Bisha Mine employees. Workers ride a company bus to and from the mine.

We maintain a Community Liaison Officer in the village to help villagers in all their interactions, from distributing information to receiving feedback and grievances. The liaison also helps villagers prepare resumes and fill-out job applications. For those Mogoraib residents who have grazing animals, we allow their livestock to roam freely around the mine property, outside of the areas of core mining activities.

Since the mine began operating, Mogoraib has seen an increase in disposable income, with an accompanying boost in commercial trading: some residents now have mobile phones, televisions and satellite dishes. The State of Eritrea recently installed initial electrification lines as part of its national energy strategy: when electrification arrives, it will spur modernization and improve the quality of life for the entire village.