Village Profile – Tekeret

The community of Tekeret is situated approximately 27 kilometres east from the Bisha Mine.

It is home to approximately 4,869 residents occupying 1,066 homes. BMSC employs 45 Tekeret residents (30 men and 15 women) and provides transportation to and from the mine daily. Two of these women workers are heavy equipment operators and have changed the community’s view towards women leaving the home for nearby wage-based employment.

The economic mainstay of the community is animal husbandry and crop production. Tekeret is also known for its banana and vegetable production that has a history of food surplus and importation to markets across Eritrea and even as far away as Italy during the colonization period.

We maintain a Community Liaison Officer (CLO) in the village to help villagers in all their interactions, from distributing information to receiving feedback and grievances. The CLO also helps villagers prepare resumes and fill-out job applications.