Our Approach

Recognizing how important protecting the environment is to all our stakeholders, we have embedded Health, Safety and Environment in our Code of Ethics. We comply with all host country environmental laws and regulations and make every effort to comply with international good environmental practices and, in particular, the IFC 2012 Performance Standards (PS). We apply the precautionary principle to minimize environmental risks and integrate environmental, social, cultural, and economic management into company business planning and risk management. We are committed to returning all sites to a high environmental standard at the end of the project cycle.

The Board is supported by a Social, Environmental, Health and Safety (SESH) Committee that reviews site performance on a quarterly basis. The committee’s mandate includes past performance as well as proposals to allow for ongoing improvements.

To comply with local regulatory requirements, BMSC submits quarterly Environmental and Social reports to the Eritrean Ministry of Land, Water and the Environment and the Ministry of Energy & Mines; the 4th quarter report is combined into an annual report. The Eritrean Impact Review Committee verifies the report accuracy in a site visit attended by representatives from key ministries.