Land Use Remediation

BMSC is committed to progressively rehabilitating the site throughout the mine life. At the end of 2016, the total amount of land disturbed and not yet rehabilitated was 697.3 ha. Approximately 73.6 ha of habitat has undergone initial rehabilitation (14.5 ha) and offset biodiversity planting (59.1 ha); final rehabilitation will be completed as part of the overall closure effort. The ongoing rehabilitation consists of grading and topsoil cover, terracing the northern waste rock dump, and planting 65,025 trees on biodiversity offset parcels and disturbed land. During 2016, we planted approximately 10,000 seedlings covering 12.0 ha.

The Eritrean Impact Review Committee provides quarterly assessment of the Company’s performance with respect to ongoing rehabilitation efforts. To complete rehabilitation, closure success indicators need to be developed and monitored by the Company and approved by the Government of Eritrea.