Copper and zinc concentrates are shipped from Bisha Mine to the Massawa Port in sealed containers carried by well-maintained trucks, then goods and supplies are transported to site on the return trip (whenever possible). There were 11,729 one way trips in 2016.

Transportation impacts include:

Energy use: included in overall energy consumption, reported on page 51

GHG emissions: included in overall emissions, reported on page 51

Noise and emissions: mitigation measures include using new trucks (with lower noise and emissions) and enforcing speed limits

Spill control: concentrates are shipped in sealed containers to minimize potential impacts from spillage and dust. In the event of a spill, the contractor cleans up lost material including potentially contaminated soil under the supervision of mine HSE personnel. Recovered material is returned to the process plant

Road accidents: represent a risk due to the number of trips. The contracting company (Transhorn Trucking Ltd.) implements mitigation measures including new trucks, managing driver fatigue, enforcing speed limits and other traffic safety measures

• BMSC undertakes close scrutiny to minimize impacts once the trucks arrive on Bisha property