Governance and CSR Management


We regularly engage with communities, stakeholders, and governments to obtain feedback, concerns, and ideas to ensure our operations have a positive contribution to individuals and the society at large. A transparent, continued, and collaborative approach to stakeholder engagement is a key element.

In 2016 we actively engaged with our diverse stakeholders that have a direct, indirect, or general interest in the Company’s activities. We regularly update affected or impacted individuals or groups through stakeholder identification and communications. We place the highest stakeholder priority on the well-being of our employees, the local communities, as well as with the Government. Throughout the year, we maintained discussions with local government, foreign governments (i.e. Ambassadors and support staff), NGOs, diaspora groups, and other interested parties on how we are managing our social and environmental performance.

Our Commitment to Transparency


Most of our engagement and correspondence on our corporate social responsibility efforts with the public at large has been by email correspondence and/or where necessary by direct telephone communication.


Including regulatory bodies and government agencies
ENAMCO is the GoE representative on the BMSC Board of Directors and ENAMCO plays an active role in the Bisha Mine’s governance and decision-making, as well as ensuring regular interactions with the Ministry of Energy & Mines to ensure compliance with the GoE laws and on sustainable mining operations in Eritrea.The Eritrean Impact Review Committee’s quarterly social and environmental audits oversee the Bisha Mine’s compliance with the Eritrean Mineral Resource Proclamation Law and the Mining Agreement.


We engage in regular discussions with the employees at the Bisha mine over health and safety training, work performance, overall company objectives; in addition we offer formal, transparent channels for complaints or grievances, and a Whistleblower hotline.


We regularly consult with the local communities on project updates and for employment opportunities, such as facilitating job applications, as well as to hear and address any issues and concerns from the community on the impact of the mining operations on their well being. We continue to engage with the community elders, administration and residents of the communities close to the Bisha Mine which include the Mogoraib, Jimel, Adi Ibrihim, Adarat, Tekeret, Agordat, Barentu, Dighe and Gogne sub-Zobas and Zoba Gash Barka. Seven community liaison officers are stationed in nearby communities to provide a constant community presence for information and access.


We engage in discussions with our investors through ongoing progress updates and/or email correspondence with institutional and retail investors, as well as specific dialogue with certain investors addressing a variety of inquiries and / or concerns..


We are in periodic contact with the Department of Foreign Affairs, International Trade Canada, the Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations, and the Canadian Ambassador to Eritrea to provide updates on operations and initiatives taken by the Bisha Mine.


BMSC’s primary contractors are Segen Construction Limited, Transhorn Trucking Limited, and Binae Security.  Our engagement includes frequent dialogue on compliance audits with our Code of Ethics and BMSC Social and Environmental Management Plans.


Engagement with our supply chain includes regular dialogue on the Bisha Mine’s needs, and local acquisition of goods and services, as well as ensuring compliance on supply chain ethics.


We are in regular contact with our customers on all matters, as well as addressing inquiries on product availability, pricing and shipping.


We continue to engage with a number of global NGOs, including Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International, Mining Watch Canada, and institutional investors primarily related to the independent human rights impact assessments and follow-up implementation matters.


As part of our commitment to constructive engagement, we ensure that we maintain dialogue and respond to requests for information and interviews from the media, including from journalists, radio and television.

* Included in the 2016 materiality assessment