Emergency Response and Preparedness

The ability to respond to emergency situations effectively is an ongoing priority. We have emergency response plans in place to deal with unforeseen incidents, whether on or off-site, which could impact workers or residents of nearby communities. Employees at the Bisha Mine are trained in Emergency Response and procedures are in place to handle high priority issues such as medical or fire (on or off-site), spills, and transport management. There are 8 designated Emergency Response Team (ERT) officers, 1 ERT Supervisor/Trainer, and 78 fire wardens at the Bisha Mine. These individuals are trained regularly on both the theoretical and practical training aspects of Emergency Response Management.

The Emergency Preparedness Protocol and Communications Strategy was completed in 2016, which articulates many of the possible emergency situations relevant to our operation and our associative collective responses in order to minimize impact to human life, personal property, and the environment, and to address how we would communicate with our key stakeholders if such an event were to occur.  The protocol has been integrated into Company-wide management plans. Further training on the Emergency Response Plan was conducted with specific training for our operational managers and superintendents/engineers on the Emergency Management Team. Desk-top training exercises were completed, including a variety of simulation exercises. In 2017, BMSC plans to undertake a more comprehensive simulation exercise. Lessons learned from these regular simulation exercises enable us to better prepare our employees as well as further refine our emergency response activities.