The ability to respond to emergency situations effectively is a priority. We have emergency response plans in place to deal with unforeseen incidents, whether on or off-site, which could impact workers or residents of nearby communities. Employees at the Bisha Mine are trained in Emergency Response and procedures are in place to handle high priority issues such as medical or fire (on or off-site), spills, and transport management.


The Bisha Mine has two ambulances and a fire brigade on standby in the event of an emergency situation. If the situation is severe for any of our employees we can call for a government helicopter, with one of our medics on board, for transport to a hospital in Asmara, or the Company will pay to send an employee (expatriates only) to a location abroad.

An emergency preparedness protocol and communications strategy was intended to be completed in 2015 but due to consultancy negotiations and staff turnover it has been delayed into Q3 2016. The external consultancy hired to assist the Company will articulate many of the possible emergency situations relevant to our operation and our associative collective responses in order to minimize impact to human life, personal property, and the environment, and to address how we would communicate with our key stakeholders if such an event were to occur. This protocol will be integrated into Company-wide management systems.