Health & Safety Training

At the Bisha Mine, we run a growing occupational health program that aims to provide ongoing training, program development, and inspections to keep our workers safe and healthy.

Occupational Health and Safety is part of our mandatory induction training for all workers. It includes training in hazard identification, fire awareness, noise, dehydration, proper lifting techniques, personal protective equipment, and lockout and tag-out (isolation). The first aid training component is presented by the Eritrean Ministry of Health and coordinated by the Bisha Training Centre.

Beyond induction training, our Bisha Training Centre also offers sessions on Field Level Risk Assessment (FLRA), and food safety and hygiene. In 2016, awareness training was provided to our kitchen staff on the use and care for sharp metallic objects, kitchen hygiene and sanitation for food handlers.


Tesfayesus Habte
Supply Superintendant, Bisha Mining Share Company

Tesfayesus has been working for the Company for 4 years in numerous capacities of increasing responsibilities: Expediter Trainee, Inventory Trainee, Purchasing Trainee, Purchasing Supervisor, Acting Superintendant, Acting Supply Superintendant, and now as the Supply Superintendant. He originally hails from Adi Tekelezan and then moved to the capital city where he obtained a degree in Accounting from Asmara University. He spent 4 years working for the Auditor General Office before joining the Company. In his spare time, he enjoys reading non-fiction literature and spending time with his family. His future career ambition is to be the Supply Manager or have his own auditing company.