Our Safety Culture

We believe that the safety of our people is our most important workplace consideration. Safety is also of critical importance to our employees, many of whom are also local community members, who are the sole wage earners of their families. We continuously promote and train for a health and safety-focused culture and mindset, where our workers believe it is possible to work injury-free, regardless of their role. Our primary short and long- term safety goal is to operate accident and injury-free.

Occupational Health & Safety Performance

We use various metrics such as the International Labour Organization’s ‘Recording and Notification of Occupational Accidents and Diseases’ to measure and track safety performance and record all reported incidents for both the BMSC employees and our contractors. We classify reported injuries as return-to-work incidents, lost-time injuries (LTIs) or fatalities. There is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to manage lagging indicators such as LTI, Medical Treatment Case, vehicle damage and property damage while leading indicators have been included to measure the performance of matters pertaining to hazards (non-compliances, near misses, and also include alcohol checks, and speed monitoring). We instruct employees, as part of their site induction training, to report all injuries, incidents, and ‘near misses’. The Health and Safety department oversees safety induction training, injury monitoring, and long-term safety planning. As of December 31st, 2016, the Company had a total of 651 days (12.8 million hours) without a lost time injury.

We have not experienced a work-related fatality or any occupational disease at the Bisha Mine during construction, development, or operation. We are pleased to report that the Bisha Mine had no lost time accidents in 2016. In the Bisha Mine clinic, we attended to 11,024 sick employees throughout the year, 1,755 of whom required sick leave, for a total of 3,512 missed days in 2016. This equates to 2.0 days per employee and is slightly lower than the figures for 2015.

Upper respiratory tract, muscle and joint ailments are the most prominent health concerns at the Bisha Mine followed by gastrointestinal and skin conditions. The Bisha Mine clinic has an on-site comprehensive medical facility that includes access to free prescription medicines and will be operating the physiotherapy clinic in 2017 to address muscle and joint ailments.