Local Hiring Practices

We actively work with the Government of Eritrea to enhance preferential hiring for local candidates for the Bisha Mine. In 2016, local Eritreans made up 92% of our employees in Eritrea (90% in 2015). The slight change from 2015 is primarily due to the need to increase local worker expertise during our zinc-production capital expansion project, as well as internal promotions where locals replaced traditionally held expat roles. Our Eritrean workforce consists of people from Asmara and other parts of the country (52%) – compared to 48% in 2015, while the remaining local workforce (40%) – compared to 22% in 2015, is from nearby stakeholder communities in the Gash Barka Zone, and only 8% expatriate personnel. The combination of the Bisha Training Centre and a lower turnover rate for employees from local communities explains the increase of nearby community member workforce compared to the rest of the country.

At the Bisha Mine, we support a great deal of local diversity. Eight different Eritrean ethnic groups (out of nine ethnic groups in the country) were represented at our operation in 2016— on par with 2015.

Our expatriate community (8% of the workforce) comes from locations far and wide, including South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Ghana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Tajikistan. These overseas specialists fulfill their own roles while training local personnel, with the intention of eventually replacing most expatriate personnel and independently sustain operations using local expertise.


Beyene Tekeste
Mine Planning Engineer, Bisha Mining Share Company

Beyene has been working with the Company for two years and originally hails from Asmara. He previously worked for the Ministry of Mining as a Mine Inspector and holds an advanced diploma in Mining Engineer at the Eritrean Institute of Technology. He enjoys working at Bisha because it is his first job in the first mine in the country and therefore good experience. He is fluent in English, Tigriyna, and Afar and his hobbies include swimming, studying about historical places in Eritrea and spending time with his family.